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Awesome Wedding Decoration Ideas this Autumn
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Autumn is a magical time of year when the green trees turn into a veritable fireworks show with an array of red, gold, and orange. Plump pumpkins and scented spices are all over, beckoning loved ones to come together. In short, an autumn wedding would be charming and fabulous.

Keep in mind that the small details make a huge impact

5 Autumn theme wedding decorations

Choosing the perfect decorations for your wedding can feel like a never-ending task, especially because there are plenty of wedding decoration ideas to browse online. But that’s exactly why we’re here – to simplify things for you. We have put together a fun roundup of incredible autumn wedding decorations that you can borrow for your wedding day. These work great for a simple minimalist wedding as well as for that luxury wedding that you’ve been dreaming about:

Pumpkin props/decorations

Autumn is ripe with enchantment and if you’re planning an autumn wedding, ensure to have pumpkins at the top of your décor list. The sight of pumpkins symbolizes the autumn season thus making them perfect for autumn wedding décor. Their range of hues, sizes, textures, and undeniably autumnal decorating elements make a chic and striking statement.

This versatile fruit can be made to be whimsical or formal, or if you like, glamorous or modern. Line up the pumpkins as aisle markers to direct guests to their seats or spray paint them and place them on the tables to accentuate the setting.


This is one autumn wedding decoration idea that you shouldn’t overlook. Balloons can add texture to your décor without taking away from the intended overall aesthetic. You can subtly incorporate a balloon decoration of your choice throughout your venue.

A balloon bouquet can serve as an accent for otherwise understated areas. Hanging balloons a few feet above your guests’ heads is a unique way to add dimension to the venue and make it more intimate.

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, weave string lights through the balloons or on tree branches for a whimsical vibe. When it gets darker, they illuminate the balloons to create a welcoming visual aesthetic.

Table plans

Table centerpieces are incredible autumn wedding decorations that are sure to make you fall head over heels.

Remember that the décor you use on your table shouldn’t overwhelm the table or your dinner guests. Sometimes when it comes to wedding decoration ideas, less can be more. In as much as table centerpieces are an important component of your decoration, they can be overpowering if they are not proportional to the space.

Guests like to mingle at their tables so you should simplify the centerpieces to ensure that they’re not distracted. Your table plan can include minimalist floral clusters, delicate vases, candles, and table runners.

Yellow tone

Wedding backdrops are anything but basic. A wedding backdrop is an amazing autumn wedding decorating idea but first things first, choose your wedding color palette and overall vibe, then adapt your strategy accordingly. Adding statement flowers around the backdrop makes it stand out even more and brings fresh life into your reception space.

There’s something magical and romantic about having a backdrop with the groom’s and bride’s names and the wedding date. Wedding guests can take pictures in front of this unique photo backdrop after witnessing you exchange your nuptials.

The best thing about a wedding backdrop is that you can customize it into a color of choice depending on the theme of the wedding and place it anywhere in your venue (it’s easily portable).


Imagine having your special day and exchanging your vows surrounded by vibrant autumn leaves… just think about it – that would be a sight to behold! With such magic in the air, it’s no surprise that autumn weddings are incredibly popular.

We hope that this handy guide helps you choose the best autumn wedding decorations. The right decorations are guaranteed to enhance the cozy autumn mood on your big day. If you can’t settle on what decorations to you, hire a professional event company to help you. Working with the right wedding decoration service not only enhances your venue but also ensures that you stick to your wedding theme.

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